Let’s Talk Whole30

Spring break starts on Friday for me and I can’t wait. I’m in desperate need of a break from my studio classes. I’m also in desperate need of food that isn’t fried and breaded and wholly unhealthy. Usually when I’m home for extended periods of time I try to do a Whole__ however long I think is appropriate for the time I’m home. Since I’ll be home for a week and it’s starting to get ice I figure it’s the perfect time to do a Whole5 and start some kind of exercise regimen. I love to exercise outside so I usually never workout during the winter… But I’m more focused on my Whole5 right now. 

For those of you who have never heard of Whole30, it’s a program that is kind of a diet but is more aimed at changing your relationship with food and eating in general. This is the website and it’s filled with all sorts of useful info. Boiled down to its absolute bare bones, Whole30 is essentially a very strict paleo diet that you do for 30 days and then you reintroduce the food groups you cut out. This program literally changed my life. I’ve lost over 50 pounds since my first Whole30 which I did last summer. Although I’ll be home for about 10 days, I’m only doing a Whole5 because I think that’s really all I’ll need I’m trying to get over a weight hump that I’ve been stuck at for a few weeks. I mean I definitely plan on eating tons of fruits and veggies and healthy stuff while I’m home since I have limited access to things like that at school, but I’ll only be strict for five days. I definitely plan on sharing what I’m eating and what workouts I’m doing while I’m home so be on the lookout for posts filled that content!


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