Wednesday Thoughts

Happy wednesday everyone! I didn’t make an actual post yesterday (this is a lie, I just looked. But I’m gonna continue with this.) so I feel the need to make one tonight even though I’m stressed and v tired, but I have a mug full of wine so we’re gonna do it. Tonight I’m going to talk about my staple makeup. The things that I can’t do my makeup without. Leave me some comments with your must have items because I’m always on the search for new stuff! So here’s my list:

Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Eye Crayon in Blacquer $25

 I live for this eyeliner! I only use it to tightline my upper lid, but I do that every day because I think it makes my mascara and other liner much more cohesive looking. I got the mini in the Sephora birthday gift last year and I fell in love the second I used it. It’s a little on the pricey side but it’s sooo very worth it. It’s insanely creamy and pigmented and lasts forever on my tightline and water line. They have a huge range of colors in this formula and they just recently came out with a matte line too so if you’re in the market for a new pencil style eyeliner I’d absolutely recommend this one!

Urban Decay Perversion Mascara $22 

My all time ride or die favorite mascara. There is just something about the way this sits on my lashes that I love. It makes the perfect long spidery/feathery lash. It’s my favorite and honestly the only mascara that I use on my lower lashes. I like my lower lashes long and really thin, I hate clumpy lower lashes and this gives me everything I want.

NYC Big Bold Angel Lash Mascara $5 

If you’re in the market for new mascara but you’re balling on a budget check this one out. HOLY SHIT this stuff is amazing and for five bucks, you really can’t beat it. This will give you a nice thick lash and make them crazzy long. This can get a bit clumpy, but I just brush it out with a spooly and I’m good to go. I love to pair this with my Perversion on my top lashes. I have pretty long lashes to begin with but when I pair these two it seriously looks like I’m wearing falsies my lashes get so full and long!

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper $20 

I think pretty much anyone who is into makeup knows the glory of this liner so I won’t spell out why I love it because I’m sure you already know how good it is. I will however offer you a cheap drugstore alternative which is the e.l.f. waterproof eyeliner pen. It’s $2 and while it’s not as pigmented as the Kat Von D it is the best felt tip eyeliner from the drugstore I’ve ever used. When I was using this I’d draw my wing with the pen and fill in the wing and across my lid with NYC liquid eyeliner.



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