Home After School

I think for a while I’m going to do a sort of mini series where I talk about different reasons that are inspiring me to change my lifestyle. This is the first in a line of reasons that I’m planning on talking about every day. Let’s get into it!

A very big reason for my wanting to become a minimalist, which I talked about already in this post, is the fact that I want to go tiny. My dream home is a custom tiny house, no lie. There’s something so appealing about tiny houses to me. Of course they’re adorable, but they’re also totally customizable which is a big appeal to me. I love the fact that I can have control of what exactly my house will look like. Anthor big reason I love tiny homes is because they’re very affordable. You can do a complete build for a few thousand dollars and seeing as I’m already in a heap of student loan debt and still have two years of school left, the cheaper a living arrangement the better. Plus, it’s not like renting a place, where I’ll never own whatever I’m renting, I’ll actually own my tiny house and that’s a huge bonus to me. Going tiny, of course, means having less space to put things, so minimalism and the tiny house vement go hand in hand. Now, there are people who aren’t minimalists who live tiny, but I think minimalism is definitely a huge help when you live in a tiny house. And since I absolutely plan on buying a tiny house I figure why not take the plunge into minimalism now and then when I go tiny the transition will be a lot easier.

Another thing that’s kind of related to home, but also kind of to travel is that I, for some reason, am driven to be able to fit everything I own into my car with room to spare. Mind you, I drive a ford explorer, so it’s not a small vehicle, but it certainly isn’t a huge vehicle. Ideally I’d love to be able to fit all my belongings into a small car like a neon but that’s quite a ways down the road.


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