DIY Hair Mask

I bleach and dye my hair funky colors on the reg and let me be the first to tell you that it definitely take a toll on your hair. I’m not a hairstylist and I don’t claim to be, I do my own hair though because that shit is expensive. If you are a stylist, I’m sorry. I know you’re screaming at me right now that I shouldn’t bleach my own hair or dye it myself. I hear you, but honestly, I’m a broke college kid. I don’t have the time or money to go to a salon every few weeks. So I’m sorry that I’m probably crushing your soul at the moment, but just let me live. Now, back to the point…

Bleaching and dyeing your hair, whether you do it or a trained professional does it, damages your hair. My hair is dry, and probably half dead to be completely honest and sometimes, when it starts to get especially awful feeling and it looks ridiculously frizzy, I do a hair mask to put a little moisture back into the desert that is my hair. I usually just throw some coconut oil on there for a while and rinse, but I tried something a little different tonight and I’m crazy pleased with the results. My hair hasn’t felt this nice in while. The recipe I’m giving you is totally estimated because I didn’t measure anything, I just plopped it all in a bowl, but definitely give this a try if your hair is insanely dry and brittle!
DIY Moisturizing Hair Mask

– 6 parts coconut oil (I use Vitacoco organic virgin oil from Walmart, but literally any coconut oil is fine)

– 1/2 part honey

– 2 parts olive oil (I used extra virgin because that’s what I had) 

Put your coconut oil in a bowl with the honey and microwave it until it’s all melted then add your olive oil and mix everything up really well. The section your hair off, I did mine into 4 sections, and starting at the roots and working down apply the Mask to all of your hair working in small sections to make sure the hair is totally coated.  I used a dye brush to paint mine on and then I worked it in with my hand and I found that worked really well and was significantly less messy than it could have been. After your hair is all oily and probably a little crunchy because of the honey, put a shower cap on, or a plastic grocery bag if you’re slumming it like I am and let it sit for at least 30 minutes. Of course, longer is better and I usually let my hair masks sit for an hour or two. After your time is up just wash your hair with shampoo and you’re done! This mask is crazy simple, but it seriously works. I hope you all love it as much I now do! 


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