Spring Cleaning

Happy first day of spring! I honestly didn’t realize that I started my minimalism challenge so close to the spring equinox, it’s fitting I suppose. Cleaning out my life of useless junk, spring cleaning… It’s a happy coincidence. And today, I think I’m going to talk about cleaning out your life in general.

I think we all carry a lot of junk around in our lives. Of course we all have things junk, physical items that we accumulate, shoes, clothes, electronics.. the stuff everyone thinks about when you say the word “junk”, but we have other junk too. Shitty people who drag us down, crap relationships that don’t raise us up or make us happy, addictions and other vices that aren’t healthy for us either physically or mentally. “Junk” can cover a lot of bases and these are just a few things that it can mean in relation to our lives. While it’s nice and sometimes crucial to clean the physical junk up and out of our lives, I think it’s even more important to clean out our lives of all the negative things that aren’t posessions.

I have lots of life junk and I’m working on clearing it out while I’m cleaning out the unnecessary possessions in my life. I have crappy relationships that I for some reason can’t seem to end, so I’m working on getting out of those because I hate feeling like shit because of some other person. I also have my fair share of unhealthy vices that I know I need to work on. Some of them are in the process and others I haven’r fully come to terms with the fact that I need to stop, but it’s all a process. I don’t think I’ll ever be done working on things like this because life changes, things change and people come and go from our lives. It’s all a matter of continuous monitering and making sure that the things in your life, all of them, even the people, bring you absolute happiness.

So while you’re doing your spring house cleaning, take the time to evaluate your life and maybe do some spring cleaning for your soul as well.


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