Why Minimalism?

Why am I doing this? 

I decided to take the plunge for several reasons. The main reason I’m going minimalist is simply because I’m feeling incredibly overwhelmed by things. The longer I’ve been at school the more I’ve noticed that I love stuff. I love to accumulate things even if I don’t really need said things. Which is a realization that I’ve only recently made. At any rate, accumulating random junk is my main driver in going minimalist.

Another reason for my jump into the lifestyle is ease of life. I feel like by going minimalist it will make every day life, at least slightly, easier. I won’t have to worry about what to wear, because I’ll only have things I love. I won’t have to worry about what things I should use because I will only have one of exactly what I need. I just think life will be much more simplified by going minimalist.

My final major reason for jumping into minimalism is the fact that I want to go tiny. For a few years now, I’ve been obsessed with the tiny house movement. Ever since I first heard about tiny homes I’ve known I wanted to own one and live my life in it. There is something so oddly satisfying about a tiny house to me. The ability to move around, but take my home with me, the fact that they’re so cute, the option to customize it and make it exactly what I want, the fact that owning one isn’t going to put me into a huge amount of debt more than I already am… There are a plethora of reasons why I want to go tiny. But obviously, living tiny means owning less. With the fact that I know I will own a tiny home at some point in the future, I think minimalism makes a lot of sense. And I think it will be easier to start now, when I really don’t have that many possessions, than it would be to start in a few years when I’ve been living on my own and have accumulated even more than I currently have. If  I start now, I’ll develop the habit of only bringing things into my life that are necessary and add value. Which in turn, will make going tiny in the future that much easier.

So that’s why I’m doing this. Of course, these are only the big reasons, the main driving factors. There are lots of smaller reasons for doing this as well, but they aren’t as important to me and don’t really have that much push behind them. I honestly wish I had the time and resources to go all in right now and have a packing party, but unfortunately I don’t. But I can’t wait to dive in all the way and start living a life full of only things that have a purpose. I can’t wait to have a much more meaningful life.


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